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these pills are so fuckin weird

| i just feel like rambling rn. pills i take everyday to have more focus have an awful after effect once they wear off.

like i actually become angry, greedy(?), pessimistic and terribly depressed. this lasts until i go to sleep. like it's not the normal me. i'm an asshole but a positive asshole.

i know there isn't some magical happy antidepressant or whatever but i actually hesitate taking these pills i usually need because it's suffering being pessimistic.

| otherwise i'm completely fine. i find it really strange that i go from good to "i can fucking do anything" to not being content with my life.

| i just needed to get this out somewhere else.

| what are you taking?

| Probably build your day around the come down if you can. An activity whilst you ride through it maybe? Aslong as the benefits outway the negatives best to find a way to live with it.

Maybe you can spam the n word in u or get into empty conversations on new, I dunno sounds rough but at least it works.

| sounds like "focus doping" can't you just train your focus day after day?

| Sound like meth

| >>936331 sounds like a really bad side effect.

| OP here, not to give any specifics but i do have a combination of issues that shouldn't be possible up there that just are if you get me.

not sure how i should explain it but i believe on of those issues contribute to this bullshit.

| talk to your doctor and see if there is a different medication you can try.

| Definitely inform your doctor of the side effects.

| op here again. something of note is that i have moments of not expecting it to hit, or that it's not as bad as it seems. but naahhh. everytime this side effect hits it's like i just got my ass beat. it's like "oh god oh fuck i forgot about this side effect".

also i've told my doc and therapist a bunch of this shit already. work is being done. but idk it's slow.

| on a few very rare and very specific instances i did end up harming myself once it started wearing off. i haven't had any desire to do so since the changes were made. but this shit is def worse.

| >>936618 good luck OP. Please be safe.

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This thread is permanently archived