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Danger/u/ Gift Exchange

| https://youtu.be/jNaTORbk5jI

It's back! You can sign up for the Annual Danger/u/ Gift Exchange now, over on the Discord. All you need to do is click the button in the #announcements channel, and write a letter to your secret Mega Santa.

The cutoff for sign ups is December 2nd, so get your letter written before then. Feel free to leave any questions in this thread!


| I don't understand this. Can someone explain this?

| >>931306 There's a bot on the Discord that will assign everyone a Secret Santa and a recipient after sign ups close on December 2nd. Your Secret Santa will read the letter you wrote them (via the bot), and you will read your recipient's letter. You can message both your Santa and recipient through the bot if you have any notes or questions. Then at the end of the month, the gift your Santa got you will be sent to you via the bot (or mail if you gave your address) and the gift you got your recipient will be sent to them. After that, you can reveal who you were to your recipient if you want, or keep it a secret forever.

| >>931329 Thank you for the information.

| You can have my kid

| >>931412 only if I get to make it with you, g/u/rl. (///)

| >>931459 deal. You're my partner in sex. starting now

| Remember! The cutoff is December 2nd, so sign up and get your letter written before that day!

| >>931572 get a room

| when u miss it by a day ;-;

| >>932303 Ah, sorry g/u/rl! We'll make sure you get a present this Christmas season! In the #mega-christmas channel, there's a g/u/rl posting rules, guides, and tips with padoru emotes. Please message them as soon as you see this!

| One day I misread Payment declined as Hebrew detected.

That is all

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