The next time someone tries to talk to me I will just scream at the top of my lungs

| Not that I'll give any friendly aura to prompt anyone into approaching me

How do I release stress? Tbh I don't think doing anything relaxing or punching something would help. I want to destroy something and shout


| >>930811 is this serious sam reference?

| I had a kouhai who used to do this during her first year of junior high (age 13-14).

| >>930822 I would do the same if I'm not in japan and my senior calls me that

| Maybe play some fighting arcade style game and beat up whatever chara you dislike most. Or play the sims and just make them duke it out. Alternatively, alcohol and loud music (but without alcohol is even better, bad practice makes bad habits)

| try sex

| Listen to breakcore omegalul

| >>931043 *breakcores your mouth*

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