i want to be gay!

| I want to be a lesbian!

| but I have to wait until I'm older

| why?

| because I'm not a good enough person yet

| and I don't want to feel bad.

| what if i was gay now?

| it will not happen

| too late.

| how can you be sure?

| If I were gay, I would have started dating guys by now

| it's a bit strange ...

| there are people who are gay and don't know it

| who are they?

| you

| no, I'm straight

| i just think gays are weird

| >>930756 your vpn is broken again silly "^^ but don't worry! I will protect you, because i love you and i will let no one know about it. If will third g/u/rl ask me why someone post with same id.. i will just tell her that she is blind, and that they are clearly other ids!

| >>930756 i just made some calculations.. since is here blue and green id, it's pretty likely that another color can be pink or purple.. and after it maybe orange/red and white/black.. i just made script in python for generating random colors.. but i'm not confident if are they random enough.. can you verify them if they are random?

1. FF00FF
2. FF0000

| But wait!!! If she will have pink, i can't tell that you have pink!! It would be obvious too much...

But what color can continue after white?! Black? Salmon? Maybe green again? Is there even another color? What if board will just overflow memory and server will just crash? I don't remember if anyone even had white id.. is this color even real?

Wait now i read book and i just read that white combine 3 colors! It's 3 colors more than black.. white the selfish bitch

| White is not even real color.. but wait.. pink also not.. why we even use hexadecimal system? We should have to cancel them and just use binary system.. like.. 000 for black, 111 for.. bitch one, 100 red and so on.. if i count correctly it's more than 8 colors! Wait no, it's 8! It's still more than we need! We should have make colors system simple! Like.. what is difference beween 515a9 and 525a9e? It should have just be 001.. we will also save 3 bits per every color!

| Can you see these options? We can use these 3 bits for better things like.. make loop! Or.. short comment! (With 1 symbol) we could effectively use it for Performance! Also we can make better and cheaper monitors.. i'm feeling generous (with compare to FFF!) So i'm deciding to release it under Creative Common license, feel free to use it comercially, modify or anything only i wish you would mention me as author.. my name is Kasumi! But also you can call me Princess Dusk.. it's on u

| be gay with me OP, it'll be fun!

| Your brain on HRT

| We need more threads like this

| >>930803 >>930837 >>930864 there are 3 red+blue in row, this is statistically ilegal! someone must use vpn in really bad way, worse than ordering murder over Tor, or shitposting in /new/!

| >>930866 yeah, it fucked me up too

| I'm yuri

| schizoposting

| try gay sex

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