How much do you have in debt?

| how poor is /u/?

| I have no debt.

| 0 debt 0 cash

| My parents are about $100k in debt. I hope that I can be disowned.

| i paid my student dept with gamestop money

| >>930569 dw g/u/rl. It's not like debt is inheritable. Besides, $100k is reasonable if they've bought a house in the last few years or something.

| >>930581
Depending on the laws where you are, debts can absolutely be inheritable, unfortunately.

| >>930581 unfortunately I'll inherit the debt if I claim anything they've owned, so the house is likely going to waste.
That $100k was invested into a farming building that unfortunately never got finished because they ran out of cash and now we just have a brick skeleton without a roof for nearly 15 years.

| >>930591
My parents got a $100k debt too! That wasn't for tryna do something cool like that though, just the result of severe alcoholism and reckless spending lol

Me myself though I don't really got any debt. I owe some cunt $300 for a PC, but he turned out to be a bigot and we cut contact, so he ain't getting that shit back

| $50k

| imagine having debt. lol. lmao
next thing you'll tell me is that you enjoy being part of a capitalist society

| >>930594 I will beat your fucking yeeths out and take back my PC you bitch.

| 0 debt B)

| >>930588 whAT!? YOU CAN INHERIT DEBT? So you're telling me you can be doing completely fine in life, and then the next day you wake up you suddenly have $100k worth of debt just because the person who birthed you died? You're not even the one who spent the money improperly! What sort of late stage capitalism garbage is that?

| >>930591 houses are usually worth more than $100k g/u/rl. If you're willing to go through the work, you could probably sell the house and auction whatever you don't want, and come away with whatever you wanted to keep and a bit of money left over.

| >>930635 On top of that Santa won't come to you because your parents would be too poor.

| >>930635 just don't inherit anything they've owned. Easy enough right?

| 2 weeks and 28 pages

| Loads of hospital bills and student loans

| debt better be off to go and suck my g/u/rldick instead of talking about their shitty religion with a retarded traditions and sending after me their cultist.

| 0 dollars :)

| 50k

| About 28k, at least until the student loan forgiveness shit kicks in. I'm looking into buying a house though, so it's going to go up anyways.

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