Muslim dies anyway

| Maybe pray more

| What a bunch of trashy fag

| You need wifes when you cant even be trusted? Your security lies on 4 women like the chinese emperors? What a bunch of fags. Maybe try blowing yourself alot more. Faggots

| Muhammed the bomb makers dont work. Have sex with the chinese and french. Thats all you are good for.

Maybe breed with men since you are all fags who needs women to keep your doors anyway.

| Try crushing your heads and take your faggot womens to hell. Yer all bunch of jews

| Get killed faggots. Dont lose your ways to hell. Guess yer here though. BORED right? What a loser

| No need your pageviews you islams. Do kungfus. Eat veg if you can even cook.

| Fucking trumps. Go to hell. All you worthless blondes

| Unreliable cheapfucks. No one even buys you if you didnt get democracy. Fucking dipshit

| Did your mohammed care if you get fed? No you are just slaves. Turns out you are useless. Like the asians. Go butn in hell now if you can. But i guess yer just here, sitting in the windy side.

| Have telepathy
No. Use phones instead. What a bunch of useless jews. Guess you like gory dinosaur shits huh

Lame fag
No need your comments

Just burn in hell you trash

Cry to your dead parents

Guess theyre not dead enough
Take mine while yer at it
Take everyone

I can replace you all worthless cunts

| Kiss your own ass

| Be fucking independent, faggot

| Mohammed needs to pray 5 times because he s angry

I dont need to lower the standard to make him look bad i guess

| Imagine having followers who only bends

| What a wprthless bunch. Die. Fucking die in corona you weak bastards

| Die in corona all you dogs

| Weak fag without an eye

| Maybe do itin 5 strokes. Or just kiss the faggot streamersandntheir twitter whores

| Meow what a bunch of losers. Life would be easier if you are all not some sore pussys watchinf politics and masyurbating on footballs.

But i guess your prophets ride camels too and did not carry the stones either

What a sore loser

Go burn in hell

Get stronger

At least samson didnt ask to be kissed in the arse
Like you

But i guess the weaker the people
The more needy they are

Maybe carry shit

No logics here
You didnt have a scale either

| Hey show off a little more
So i can tell how small your brain is

Gotta keep up with how stupid and nutbags you are
So you dont feel any tinier

It affects your muslimasian performanc
Which flickers under feelings hah


| Die already you fags
I guess you are not that blessed so you are not that meaningful here haha

| He had no plan for you so what to do


Some let me stab you in the skull with the iron chair

Maybe your brain will grow stronger

God s idea of being dilligent isnt it

| I like repelling fags

| Pls die

| Dont be fags

Blow up

Get shot by RPG

| Dont worry about regretting. When i do you ll be back here. Like a fucking whore.

| Needy whores you always are. Always back in hell like you want but is always piece of shit. Here. Have your entertainment you sad pussyfags

Maybe blow your brains so you can find joys

| Cant even get any further without mt existence i guess. What holy.

| Worthless catch 22 bastards

| Guess one of you isnt enough huh

| Haha he did you good. The lack of imaginations

| Dogs that barks loud cant hit. Maybe dont bark so you actually make hits

| Faggods fag gods fag gods fag gods

| Cry muhammed cry

Lets savour that

| I love it when you crack.

| Thats how i m build anyway

| Cryvharder mohammed. Jesus. All of it

Dont be a little cunt

| That has been your longest rambling ever

| tl;dr

| Jessie what the fuck are you talking about???

| haha fuck you mario

| i just captured the princess get fucked asshole

| you cant do shit you small piece of italian shit

| what are you going to do eat pizza lil bitch fuck off

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| you've got 8 worlds to travel to even touch my royal ass you slut

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| you need mushrooms when you can't even break bricks ? your security lies on eating fungus ? what a fag. maybe try making your brother blow you more faggot

| go die in a lake

| We're not your friends, weirdo.

| Can someone check on AI-chan's engine? Seems it got borked again.

| Bruh what

| >>930589
Sorry, messed up with "if"s... Let me fix that

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