I'm being consumed by the anxiety that everyone hates me

| And I don't know how to stop this feeling.

| It's true and imagine if they found out you posted about here? ひどい

| ^ I hate this fucker


| I guess You are my lottle poggchamp. Come here!

| Define everyone

| I'll tell you something I realized as a teenager. Most people don't actually care about you all that much. They're thinking about their own shit just like you. Past middle school nobody puts mental energy into making fun of you to their friends or something unless you did something really crazy. Accept the relief of not being all that interesting, that took away all my anxiety.


| I hope you pass a golf ball through your g/u/rldick OP.

| I hope you'll end up in a cum dump

| At least you are not any near to moralistic.

| It s like running cars to a (real) truck and hoping it ll break it by faith haha

| It s like running cars to a (real) truck and hoping it ll break it by faith haha

| Dont forget to respect me now

| Cuz i m respecting yours

| Well if realism is good for everything why cant you draw mickey mouse then

| Stop reading deleuze, this is not what they meant when they said thinking like a schizophrenic is positive. Unless you're actually schizo, God bless.

| I'm gonna hate you now because you're an anxiety bitch who thinks everyone hates him sooo

| https://youtu.be/zCG8GQc15SU
You're the squirrel. Everyone else is Kratos.

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