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If cat isnt superior than huamn

| Then why there isnt human cafe for human while there is cat cafe for human

| Strip club is kindda human cafe for human, please shot me in the face.

| >>930127 than explain nyotaimori

| >>208c11
nyotaimori is cringe.

| >>930150 you are cringe

| >>930127
A human cafe for human is just a normal cafe.

A human cafe for cats is just the house of anyone who likes to feed cats.

| Anything that falls is evil afterall

| >>4d9c56
No you are cringe

| Maid cafe

| >>930207 In a cat cafe you can pet cats, in a regular cafe you can't pet people. A human cafe should let you pet it's staff

| There are places without rules too

Even in flames, the devil laughs
I guess we re all done here

Just made of rotten things

| all i want in life is to work at a catboy cafe

| >>930454
This is my favorite post in this thread and on this site right now.

| >>930578 seconded.>>930454 is a great post.

| >>930262 no u

| >>930487
oh yes

| >>930487 G/u/rl do I have a game for you lol

but I guess you can be a catboi at a cosplay café?

| >>04f8d6
You are right and a genius.

| >>56de2d based, man could not reform society so they blamed the beasts ㅇㅅㅇ

| >>931046 stop using VPN for self-basing, you are under arrest by loli police department! Take up your pants, and sit in the van. You are on way to horny jail!

| >>208c11 lies and slander, I demand pink maid come here and clear my name

| >>931164 that's pink maid calling you out, retard

| But what if there were a cat cafe for cats? Or a human cafe for cats?

| >>23fcf6 impersonating a maid a serious offence! Where the pink at

| >>931176 inside your mouth, whenever it's not covered in semen *fucks your mouth*

| ...wait, do they not let you pet the cute servers at your cafe.

| >>931187 when I tried that they kicked me out of the building

| >>931187 i tried to pet cute servers, but than datacenter went down, and Oracle sued me

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