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Yall need to know how to cook

| At least the bare minimum, if you don't even know how to cook meat or congelated fish, you won't go nowhere

| Then teach me how to cook an egg or you won't change anything.

| thanks for the blind judgement i guess? what was the point of posting that

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turn the burner on medium. put oil in a pan and put the pan on the stove. when the oil is hot enough, it will be less viscous (flows more easily) or sometimes have the pattern of the burner visible. you can also test it by putting a drop of water in the oil: if the oil spatters, it's too hot, but if it doesn't make any noise, it's not hot enough. then crack the egg in. it cooks from the bottom towards the top. you can cook the top part by flipping it over, or by puttting

| a little water in the pan and putting a lid over the egg to steam it. or just scramble it with a fork.

once you can fry an egg like that, you can cook pretty much any cut meat or vegetable the same way.


| >>930088 >>930091 Thanks, this actually helps my awkwardly amount of knowledge on how to live properly.
Some questions, how much oil should I pour compared to the side liquid size of the egg?
Also is it okay if I cook veggies with oil?

| Cooking tutorial for bare minimum:

1x frozen bread
1x some additional thing.. like ham, cheese, salame
1x Prepared drink of your choose

How to cook:
① Open microwave
② Put bread in microwave
③ Set it on 40 seconds or max tempature for 1/4-half a minute
④ Meanwhile cooking, pour drink in glass and open salame/ham/cheese or anything you choosed
⑤ After sound open microwave
⑥ Put added ingredient to bread, take drink and everything and put in on place where you will eat

| You can cook all your life and never try sex

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just enough that the bottom of the pan is covered, or a little less. the purpose of the oil is to tranfer heat from the metal pan to the cold egg, so they just have to be touching.

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cooking vegetables in oil is fine. it doesn't taste great if you do just one, so get a combination of multiple. fuck around with random ingredients till you find a combo you like.

once you do that, you can try the same thing with meat, with soy sauce, with a sweet sauce, or with onion+garlic. then make white rice (wash it with water a lot to remove extra starch) and you have a meal.

| >>930110 I see, I suppose that anything can become tasty food if you get enough ingredients to make the attempts.
Just asking but, at which point the pan would be called unusable or harmful for being burned out?

| >>930111 I don't really know what you mean by that? Wash the pan when you're done with it?

| Get a dirty 10in cast iron skillet from the thrift store with optional matching lid.
Lodge is a good brand to look for because they have lids for sale online.
Clean the skillet with a screwdriver and like 5 hours of scraping if it's really bad.

Next, set oven to the lowest setting. Use detergent (dawn) and water to completely clean the skillet as good as it can get from here, then wipe the skillet down with a bowl of unsalted butter and olive oil. Cook skillet in oven for 3 hours

| When cleaning the skillet with screwdriver, try not to scratch the metal. Just scrape off the layer of gunk.

After 3 hours of cooking at low heat, around 250 degrees, turn off the oven, BUT LEAVE IT CLOSED FOR 15 HOURS otherwise the skillet could break from the temperature change.

Wipe down the skillet again with more olive oil, and then cook something on it. To clean, rinse it off. Don't use soap, you don't need it, and it'll destroy the seasoned coating that you made.

| Cast iron is really awesome, especially when cooking larger meals. With a lid, your food can stay hot for about 40 minutes after you turn off the burner!

It also allows you to panfry eggs, pancakes, and potatoes easyily. You can also just stick it in the oven with vegetables in it instead of having to use a baking sheet or whatever
Cleanup is super easy since you're just lightly rinsing it out every other time you use it

Meats cooked in a cast iron skillet taste *better* somehow!

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>cleaning cast iron with a screwdriver
you do that, and you'll go to a very special layer of Hell, reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theatre.

| >>930240 you misunderstand. I have a cast iron skillet that I got from goodwill that has a quarter inch of goop stuck to the entire surface of it. I actually had to take a wire brush drill to it once most of it was gone, and it was terrible!

If you can see the metal of the skillet, there's no need to resort to the screwdriver of doom.

| I cleaned it up with 0 scratches, I'm pretty proud of myself.

OP seems to be one of those people who puts potatoes in a pan, turns the stove to high to cook them faster, and then goes off to play a quick match of monopoly...

Food tastes better when it's cooked on lower heat. It does take longer, but you won't burn it!
In fact, if you're burning stuff to the pan, then the stove is too hot.
The only use for maximum heat is boiling water or getting a pan hot to sear meat with.

| Never walk away from the oven, and pay attention to your food. Even rice in a rice cooker should be washed.

| I can cook but I live alone so it always feels like a hassle to do anything special. My chef teacher would cry if he saw me eating cup noodles...

| Is it okay to cook dirt seasoned by extra virgin oil since it has the most anti-inflamatory and any-oxidant effects? Will it be enough for a good breakfast?

| I've heard that dirt is rich on zinc, potassium and is an excellent source of fiber. So I was wondering which sort of food could work as a side dish.

| An omelette is a great starter meal if nothing else. What I like to do is put a bit of oil in a pan, then cook some diced ham until it starts to brown. Then you pour in some eggs and whatever spices/herbs you want. Once it starts to coagulate a bit start throwing some cheese on that bad boy. Then once it looks like it's nearly done, remove from heat and cover with a lid and let it sit for about a minute. Makes it fluffy!

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adding a splash of milk makes it even fluffier <3

| >>930468 *fluffs your mouth*

| can u cook sex ?

| >>930242 It's a good idea to put it on max for about half a minute before turning it down so you don't have to wait for the heat to conduct on lower settings (warning: other's might heat up faster because my stove is old as fuck)

| >>060a31 yo almost black id

| >>930242 Sunny side eggs are fluffier if you have the pan roaring hot enough that the egg matter boils before solidifying. Objective facts.

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It's the same with fried rice. Just don't forget to stir evenly.

| >>17495b I kinda hate the base taste of an omelette, is there anything I can add to it to make it less omelettey

| >>931048 Semen.

| >>6e94af I will not fertilise my eggs

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There is. It's called spice and herbs, whiteboi.

More specifically, all or any of the four fine herbs will do. A personal favorite is french tarragon with shiitake and onion.

| If you want to make the texture less omelettey you can add boiled potato. Boiled potato, red onion and some meat like bacon or ham is a good starter. Season with black, white and green pepper.

| Or just make Omurice since it doesn't taste like omelette at all. Every bite taste like you squirted ketchup straight from the bottle into your mouth. Not even kidding.

| I bet I'm the best cook in /u/

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Challenge accepted, bozo. How you wanna do this!?

| >>56adec I'm only half white but I'll take it :s

Thanks for the tips though!

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what are the stakes?

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