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My friend is sad

| We've been living together for a few weeks, and tonight, right after leaving the bathroom (it took a lot of time, he stayed there one hour), he went to his room only saying "don't wont to talk" and "Yes. I'm not okay."

Did his girlfriend left him ? Did someone he cared about died ? Was it my fault ? I feel like i'll never know.

I don't want to open his room to talk about it, i don't think he wants it and i that could be of any help.

| I think i should take some stuff and go to my dad's place for a few days, but i feel like a damn coward.
Even if he might need solitude, i just feel like an unreliable friend running away like that.
I know its selfish to make that about me all of a sudden, but he's probably one of the most important persons in my life, and i feel the only thing i ever gave him was laughs, and THATS IT.

| So im staying there, on my inflatable bed, in the dark for some reason, and i monologue half naked and head totally red to one of the worst forums ever (no offense). I don't know what you can bring me, but i just needed to let that out of my chest.

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This thread is permanently archived