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What character designs/stuff in designs make you go CRAZY?!?!

| Stuff you really love or rly hate in character designs!! I'll go first

-Demon vibes
-Animal Motifs
-Characters who are very clearly putting on a show

| elona

| Belts. Lots and lots of belts.

-Tetsuya Nomura

| - tired eyes
- office clothes
i am sexually attracted to the overworked and underpaid

| >>928031 same

| >>928031 fight club mc my beloved

| Lab coats

| >>928013 dominant woman what is taking care about someone mentally unstable.. it can be something as Alice X Lain.. Or Yandere.. or maybe just yuri.. And with hugs and spending time together.. It's makes me wish know someone like this.. i'm terrible xd

What i hate.. i love gore, and bloody things.. But i feel uncomfortable when i see gore related to eyes.. It's makes me feel really uncomfortable, like.. what if it happened me? Dead is feel better than being blind.. it's scary

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This thread is permanently archived