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What is difference between being femboy and trans?

| Asking for friend~

| I'll help you by saying that Bridget was always trans.

| Femboy is male, identifies as male and just wants to look and act girly while remaining a man, a true peak of manliness that says fuck you to all enforced societal stereotypes of how a man should be

Trans just identifies as the opposite sex and some of them take surgery to change sex(though maybe they should wait until this kind of thing is more advanced, considering all the risks of those surgeries)

| >>f775d4 not really I doubt the writer knew about any of that stuff back in 05. Like gg was definitely speaking to weirdos on the fringe back in the day but not with that much fore thought.

| >>927797 no, Bridget may be trans now but Bridget was certainly not always trans and completely undecided on her identity for a long portion of her time in guilty gear games, the trans thing is more recent and shamefully happens off screen

| >>c90972 >>4c0440 I didn't actually expect anyone other than the femboy militant to reply to this. Thank you for your time though.

| >>927805 I much prefer femboy over trans but if the authors say trans it's not my place to object
I just wish the journey that led to this actual conclusion was more fleshed out instead of having just the very little that's shown on arcade mode

| >>927803 >>927804 Daisuke literally said that Bridget being trans was the plan from the start

| >>927816 being the plan from the start doesn't mean the character started trans, every story has a journey and becoming trans was basically the payoff of Bridget's story in the end(though they could have done it better than they did, especially in strive)

| femboy didnt change his gender, stupid.

| trans girls are getting their mouths fucked and femboys are doing the mouth fucking. later they are going to have sweaty fulfilling sex and fall asleep lovingly in each others' arms.

| Trans is delusional femboy is not

| I love fun political conversations : )

| মই তোমাৰ মুখ আৰু তোমাৰ মাক যৌনসঙ্গম কৰিম
তোমাৰ মাৰ ভগ মোৰ আনন্দৰ বাবে
তোমাৰ মুখখন মোৰ কাম ডাম্প

| femboys can be cool but 90% of the time i hate tranny

| Internalized view of the self, the same way any other types of genders are different from each other

| >>927859 I'm going to eat your bones

| >>927850 """"""""political"""""""" :^)


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