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| Can someone identify my sites and maybe list out all the things i need to bring more business to it like profit trafics and interactions
What are the things i need to add


| 1. Research SEO to appear on Google results
2. Stop using shitty bots that send messages on text boards
3. Don't use shitty bots at all, I know you either use YouTube comment bots already or were planning to
4. Build some social media presence, Twitter might be a hellscape when ot come to discussions but it's still good for low budget advertising as long as you get some followers

| >>927792 doesnt seem like alot of people are making that much of conversations using twitter. You d be spamming.
As for SEO, they arent very illustrative or related. I could be wrong so you could be more specific on this.

No bots like that so you are just making things up

| Probably do more digital? Find a niche and make good memes on Twitter for artists usually. We live in an era the volume of content is the ad space.

We are all the blockbuster bargain bin.


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| >>927813 there s successful trad too so not sure which cave you came from. Also alot of indian spams that doesnt live thru and end up in the neo kuklux
>>927862 whoa.

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This thread is permanently archived