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g/u/rl moment

| "You will never be a woman"
oh yeah ? fast food workers and strangers call me "mam" and not "sir", EVEN when i'm boymodding.
The "you will kill and hate yourself" effect hasn't occured in the slightest and i am way more confident than before.
Transphobes don't know shit, and they can suck my girlstick.

| Transphobes high on copium

| Why do you even care what a bunch of no lifes that have nothing to show for other than being rude aay anyway?
Do your own thing as much as you want as long as you don't force yourself and your ideals on others(like the people who hate you do to you) because it's pathetic and attracts more hate
Your life is yours not theirs or anyone else's

| >>927703
thanks admiral obvious

| What a bitch

| >>927707
nah but like actual thanks, if it wasnt honest i would have used "captain"

| >>927709 ah sorry

| fuck i need to get estrogen :/

| I wanted to go trans but i wont give up my cock n balls

| >>927720 get the estrogen, keep the cock n balls :3

| >>48633d

| >>927700 I'm not a transphobe, but can I suck your g/u/Rostock anyways? ( /////)

| *g/u/rlstick

| >>927716 how about to get testosterone to become a manly man and get the shit out of your head?

| >>45f05b go date a lumberjack if you want to get railed by a manly man so hard lmao
thirsty mf

| >>927772
how about i FIDDLESTICKS your mom

| >>927770 *fucks your mouth*

| we in society are still in a transitional phase regarding trans people. it will take at least one more generation shifts from 'ugly male pervert in a dress' to 'actual human being'.

| transphobes can't into facts

| >>927774 how about I fuck you not even in your mouth, but in your ass instead. And THEN -- in your mouth, so you taste your own shit?

| >>927945
keep your kinks at /d/, horny pastry p/u/ffer

| Trans is fine, just don't go for surgery unless you're turned on my Frankenstein monsters.

| Aw shit, here we go again

| transgurls do you really like linux that much

| >>884315 Are you saying that you're into to fucking a holed balls

| >>927962 yeah. I have linux on all my computers.

the other true stereotype is being in computer science. I'm in microbio and CS classes in college and all the other trans girls I see in class are in the CS classes

| >>928034

| 51% and rising feels good man

| >>928049
yes, successful transitions rate is rising

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