The painful Homestuck Thread

| Hello old homestucks and such, this is your purgatory, the epilogue of your experience with the worst/best webcomic of all.
The word of the day is :
What do you think about it, do you remember the lil douchebag ?

| do I remember him? I still talk to past myself and future myself in my head.

I miss when there was more media that released part by part. Life was a little more interesting when there were new panels to check.

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I higly recommend Vast Error to you my friend, it's by far the best "continuation" of the homestuck feeling i can think of.

| Is homestuck just one those things you had to be there at the time in order to get anything out of?

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At the time, when it was brand new and you got to participate in its creation live, yeah, it was pretty fun. Reading it now, years later just isn't the same.

| >>897615 it's not quite the same without having to wait for the releases (and more so for the ending). but it holds up well enough on it's own to still be worth a read, especially if you like the old internet feeling.

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Nah, you really don't need to be there for it to be an enjoyable experience. The start might be hard to get into but it's still fresh and fun.
And again, if you want something like homestuck that is still ongoing (and you don't need to read homestuck to get it), check out vast error at www.deconreconstruction.com

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we had a wonderful nostalgic love/hate thread on /v/ earlier this week, thanks for bringing up the pain again. Karkat x Terezi should've stuck. Also fuck shipping.

| well everyone is too stupid to do anything else but swinging pingpong bats

| and beating tiny kids and agitating civilians

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