| Do you guys like 40k? I don't play the tabletop game (I have no money) I just like the setting.

| How can I gain 40grand? Need advice on quickly acquiring 40grand

| how to earn money painting minis?

please give me ideas for how to make six digit income painting minis, i don't understand how it's possible.

| i hate this thread

| By the way, I am Pomu de una famulia noble Pomulia, and The Emperor protect!

| >>897343 i'm pomu u fake

| I like, but Gamesworkshop is cancer.

| >>897318 why would you click on obvious bait?

btw.. do you think that if i will make clone of warhammer in 4D game engine, i can earn 50k?

| 40k? Setting and lore and all is cool, community is often a dumpster fire

| >>897774 OP here. I don't know much about the community, but I definitely agree that the lore is cool as fuck, although, my only exposure to it is through videos on youtube and the wiki.

| Maybe yer not trying hard enougg either.

| Goddamn failures

| I'm pomu and I earn 40k a month by selling my pomu soda

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