are abs hot or are they disregarded by you g/u/rls

| Answer correctly or face shame.

| abs are hot on women and tits are hot on men, both genders should work out more.

| I like skinny boys and chubby girls better than anybody with muscles. I don't like being around big muscly guys very much at all.

| They don't really do anything for me personally. I prefer soft and cuddly and weak and submissive boys and girls. <3

| Incredibly hot no matter who they're on

| pretty hot

| Very hot, although mostly on girls, I tend to prefer soft, small femboys when it comes to boys

| Give some for us to see and decide~

| Beefy lady here who is trying to lower body fat percentage even more so they're even more defined so as for my input I love them but moreso for myself

| I want every muscle girl on instagram to choke me out (as a prank)

| I like abs on boys, girls and gurls alike.

| >>897122 tbh i have little kink on it xd

| They are okay but i know a lot of ppl who thinks having abs is their only personality trait. I would've admired the hard work and effort it took for them to get there, but they often make the mistake of being hot = i can do whatever the f i want (in a toxic way)

| They get a meh soft op

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