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Other kids

| I was homeschooled and went to a co op (homeschool socialization) and the other normal school kids are a different breed. I don't understand them.


| sorry if i'm not explaining this well i'm drunk

| yeah I'm a different breed nigga. I'm built different. I'm better nigga. I'm stronger nigga. I'm the best. They call me Donney Balles. I'm the biggest baller. I'm a Big money baller. When you think big money, you think of me, big money balles. I'm simply better nigga. I'm the apex predator my nigga. Women want to have sex with me, but I decline ALWAYS my nigga. My ass is huge, because I'm constantly shitting on u lame niggas.

| >>7ce36c
The secret is that *everyone's* different. You just gotta work on the banter and small talk in order to fit in & feel comfortable. Being able to just sit & bullshit about nothing/whatever they care about with people is an important skill.

| Try sex

| >>896976 incredible

| By the way, I am Pomu de una familia noble Pomulia

| hear the pumped-up kicks

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This thread is permanently archived