Thank pref for no more captchas

| Was a active member 3/4 years ago of danger/u/ and stoped bc of that retarded ass captcha, even burgs needed captchas which is more diabolical than water with hot sauce prank

| Thanks pref for letting me shit up the threads captcha free at the speed of angery burg

| I miss captchan. She was so cute. I remember one time when she told me "zebra touch lakes"... <3

| Alot of time she would just face rape me and wouldn't let me post
>Hahaha filtered by captcha

| Go back to sleep

| >>896945
>Implying i can still sleep

| >>896879 /burg/ is totally as any thread as any else.. You can even start creating thread with text, and when you label it as /burg/ it will transform everything in burg or angry burg


| >>896879
/burg/ is a sacred temple, its integrity must be ensured

| Pref is here! Someone call mouth fucker-chan right now!

| >>897818 *fucks your mouth*

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