Friends (vent)

| I got some absolutely incredible ones tbh, but sadly they don't live here rn. I used to like my local homies a lot too, but they've been kinda shitty lately tbh. Feels kinda lonely, idk.
Like, I used to always be talking to somebody if I wanted to, be able to send a message on Discord and immediately have somebody to play with, but the closest ones who ain't here rn are busy af and the one's with more time who live here often leave me feeling worse after spending time with them.

| I'd like to get some new friends here, but it's a small place and getting to know somebody without meeting them through somebody else is difficult af, especially when I don't got a job or school or nothing rn.
Just sitting around all day applying for jobs and tryna get on welfare while almost never having anybody to hang out or play games with cause they started switching up after I came out.
Idk. Just hurts. I'm a social person, so barely having that anymore is fucking me up.

| And on the topic of it being difficult to find new people, I mean, shit, there's suddenly an even bigger stigma against mfs like me here rn, so just tryna meet and get to know strangers on my own is not just harder but straight up dangerous rn. Like, cars slow down and mfs record me on the street if I wear something slightly queer looking, shit's not worth it.
So, yeah, idk. I'd love some advice, but mostly just typing this out to get it off my mind.

| Do you live around a bunch of rednecks or something?

| >>896820
No, but kinda? It's, like, every single town/area surrounding my town is nothing but farms. So just a small little place surrounded by farms and farmers. So, yeah. Kinda.

| Honestly, from a place like that, I'd be looking at options of moving elsewhere, ideally into a town or city since those generally have a much more tolerant culture

| Friends (ew)

| >>896895
I'd love to, been wanting to get the fuck out of this shithole for ages, but as I said I don't got a job or no sort of income at all. Couldn't get through college for health reasons, and despite half the jobs here not requiring a college degree to apply they still almost exclusively hire people who have one.
So, I'm broke af, so moving is extremely unrealistic for the foreseeable future

| >>896728 I'd honestly recommend getting involved with community service in some capacity. basically every town has some form of these. helps you get out and meet people or at least feel a bit better about what you're doing. hope you get a job soon and can move somewhere you wanna live op

| >>896981 I'd imagine some experience from that would also be appreciated by potential employers

| >>896981
Hmm. I have no idea how to get involved with that here. I know the welfare organisation got a program that's kinda like that, but not really, since it's paid and you need a whole process applying for shit. That's the only thing I know of. I'll look into it though, it sounds nice.

I actually have a lot of experience with the kinda jobs I apply for. Both from working free and paid. Most employers here would just rather hire somebody with a degree and no experience.

| No energy but it s easier to understand that the god has more faith in itself than i

Short word to heal me.

But it never matttered. Im but a small dust. But the faithful too dont find dust any important... nor do they handle the sands in the desert any better after they bowed.

But i guess with more bends they do

They think they have bought the reality.

| Money buys nothing

But god doesnt hear that either

He too lets you be enslaved

He will again this time.
So hello agape. I love you.

| Wven thw faithful runs not fromtheir feelings.

| A slave to wverything.
To thw old and weak.. there s only charity. No enough magic to heal your brokwn soul.
Nor is there one to light the dark night.

| Maybe i m just wording in fear. To be corrected before death visits.

But as the letters be

I am now but a husking flesh. Just parts of your dreams.

| So we rests like the lord in the seventh day.
Like the jew says.

Our dramatic humour.

See you in courts. I wont be there obviously.

| Nothing to play but your thoughts.

| Just a really depraved gamer.

Like how the wind dances with sands to pass the day.

| Even with the sky watching

| Would it satisfy why if i say "there s none. It was a lie"

Cuz it seems so.

| >>44c63b
For sure, for sure

| Vent? Sus? AMOGOSE?

| >>896986
Well, seems I'll actually be doing something. Some guy from the welfare office just randomly called me up and told me to come down there and have a little meeting.
I did, and basically I'm getting put on a program that's like once a week or something where there'll be a group of people and we'll be just socialising and doing different shit that can potentially help towards getting a job. So, yeah. Guess I'll be getting out and shit. Kinda perfect timing lol

| >>897164 I am so happy for you!

| >>897164 Good luck!

| >>897412 >>897417
Thank you!
I sadly overslept cause that shit started early, but I managed to get down there in time for the little break they had and the last part of it.
It'll apparently be two times a week and the people there seem pretty chill, so might get something out of this.
Thank you all for engaging and coming with ideas and stuff! I appreciate it

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