Why I have to verify my clock?

| What a silly meme, I can't understand it

| >she implicitly trusts the concept of time

| Funny clock man

| *verifies your mouth*

| >>895747 *verify your anus

| >>895747 *verify your mom*

| *verify your wellbeing*
stay healthy gurl

| >>896237 wholesome and based

| >>896237 *verify your mouth with my tongue*

| So you don't get late to bed, silly

| >>896266
>Implying i can still go to bed early

| >>896727 you can still go to bed with me

| Fuck I read clock as cock

| >>896960
Why I have to verify my cock?

| >>897175 because you need it to be chopped to post here, no boys allowed!

| >>897175 to make sure it's a girl cock, no boys allowed

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