is danger/u/ dead?

| I can't see here much activity recent time :c did i scared them all?

| No

| Nah, it's just never been a very active place

| We were never alive...
And we won't be born again...

| Tbh this place was more active few months back

| I don't think it's that bad... It's not Twitter to flood anyone.

| But than i feel that i flood this place :c

| It's still alive but it's barely breathing

| Modern social media has corrupted your mind, several threads are still being made daily here.

| Danger/u/ has always been on life support bb

| >>894559 yes, but 1/7 of them was created by me xd

| I mean, we know, it is a dedicated site, for a little community, but is kinda comfy this way

| i believe that for example around 2018 could be here around tens, maybe something over 100 people at least.. on Google Play is /u/app having 10k+ downloads.. but now i think that here can be some tens.. i will probably keep posting even when i was last one.. but it's emptier here than usual.. xd

| >>6859bf
What was up with that?

| >>895068 heh new id xd i have no idea, but i think that here was more people

| Only dead thing round here is my sexual drive

| It ebbs and flows.

| Deadbody cant dead again

| >>be4d2c
I just always wonder how people find out about this place. Or maybe people just had more time to visit here early in the summer.

| Every thread is about trannies so I don't want to post in them

| >>895217 *fucks your mouth with an estrogen bottle*

| What is dead may not be killed.

| >>895208 i found it more or less by accident on f-droid. Apps are sorted by most recently updated, and la/u/ncher (the f-droid version of this app) just so happen to be near the top.

| >>895458
Same for me, just the app last updated 4 years ago so I guess people just like it here and stick around.

| >>895208 i don't remember how i found this place.. but it was around 2018 probably.. xd
>>895217 you can make also own thread.. also is here pretty a lot threads about games, random screams and so..

| >>895208 I personally found it while playing the game, while reading the posts I suddenly had a thought: "I wonder if someone made a website with this name" its like trying to find walter white's cancer donation webpage after the episode to see if its real

| I'm pretty sure it just looks like it beacuse people are lurking around and not posting. Last time I did the sexuality surveys the threads got a lot of replies from a lot of different people, no matter how dead the site seemed at that point

| Nah we're not dead

| Literally every week somebody posts here asking if its dead. No. We are just a much smaller site and dont have as much activity as other places do end of story

| It's not first time when i ask xddd

| It fucking sure feels like it. Not even from a slower activity from my last time being here but just the quality and the /g/urls are shit. Did everyone get replaced by new age dipshits?

| >>212dac not everythread can be about incest friend

| Danger/u/ dev abandon us, let's just move to microwork(now available on steam)

| >>896391
What are you going on about /g/url?

| >>896448 This /g/url has been acting pretty sus lately

| >>896388
>the users here suck!
>can't even spell g/u/rl
you're right tho, I've barely been able to read the threads this month

| >>896696

| >/g/url

.... fucking poser lmao

| Could it be infiltration???

| There may be boys among us, g/u/rls.

| >>896708


| >>896780 time to schedule danger/u/ penis inspection again. anyone found having a boy penis will be banned, only g/u/rldicks allowed here

| >>896792
I have a cousin who lives in Iran that collects boy penises in shoeboxes.

| >>896780
There are no boys on the Internet.

| >>897963

| The internet is just a series of tubes.

| >>897270 sus

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