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How to reject confession

| Dont ask

| say that you have a boyfriend?

| My incel energy is so high no one would believe I would have friend

| ghost them lmao

| >>a94244
In person it isnt an option.

| "give me some time to think" or something

| Make sure you make eye contact for 3 or more seconds, put a disgusted face, and puke on their feet

| By the way, I am Pomu de una familia noble Pomulia, and I reject humanity

| I am going for “I see as a big brother“.

| I'm not ready is generally a good one

| Jump down, jump down and then say something fucking gay shit

| Alright OP, listen up, I'm going to teach you a magic word;


Works like a charm.

| >>2ca316

| Continue testing, test subject

| >>892643 this actually work wow (not OP)

| Just bee urself

| "not looking for a relationship right now sorry"

| I'm gay works is funny and works in the short term, but...
Just say you don't like them and leave it at that

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This thread is permanently archived