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Do I even have a chance?

| Do I even have chance? If yes how to proceed?

Ok so Im a male, black, nerd, geek, biology student who is a quite athletic and a bit on the spectrum, Ive had zero experience with woman(not for lack of attempt) and I lack confidence and I can be somewhat dense.

| Ive been seeing this woman on my campus recently, and well, we have known each other since middle school and we were friends but we kinda stopped talking, she does psychology and is such a sweetheart, we caught up again since I started college since its the same campus, she helped me get back up when I was considering quitting due bullying and loneliness, we have been texting each other and even went on some outings recently.

| Problem is, that Ive caught some feelings towards her but I dont even known where to start, I mean, the most we have done is hug but I kinda want more like cuddling or kissing, not that Im not fine with being just friends, its just that she has a special place in my mind.

So I want advice on how to progress things if that is even an option.

| Yo/u/ have zero chances.

| You are black, I've got for you a top tip: make her a surprise sex.

| Fuck her mouth, don't be shy op!

| You dont need any result to love a person.

| Cant really give good advice on this, but i will say dont give up. Even if you cant find a way to advance, the best thing you have is their friendship. The best way to confess/ask out someone is your way, just dont be weird about it. I wont lie and say the worst she can say is no. Ive told some people how ive felt before and one of them stopped talking to me, the other rejected me but were still friends. But if the worst happens its not like its over. You can still meet new people.

| >>892490 thanks for the advice but idk how to confess, I mean, 100% of the times Ive tried I somehow screwed it be it by text or in person.

| Confess in the most respectful way, and don't, for any reason seem mad or forceful if she says no

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This thread is permanently archived