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Zero motivation to do anything

| Help.

| You had the motivation to make this thread.
I am very intelligent.

| I find discipline to be more important than motivation. Look into building discipline instead, it's a habit

| >>88b98e
Okokokokok nice will do

| Disciple porn

| >>88b98e
It works, get up on time today.

| >>892405
But what if I woke up 4 hours early and can't get back to sleep?

I'm still tired, been laying in bed for an hour & a half trying to get back asleep, but it seems like I'm just fucked and get to be miserable all day at work.

| >>0af3f8
For me is Melatonin.

| >>0af3f8
Plus to know how you would switch to diffuse mode. Mine is daydreaming about fish.

| Take morphine.

| >>60f54e well, I had took sleeping pills and it didn't help.

I'm just gonna be an angry penguin.

| >>892538 Prepare to be snuggled relentlessly.

| I want to snuggle a penguin too!

| >>775c87 >>d50624 no snuggling during work hours. Or while I'm sleeping. It's just weird.

| Have sex and have fun.

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This thread is permanently archived