We live in some ytp renaissance or some shit

| Lately I've been recommended memes made by talented animators and filmmakers. Remember when shitposts were actually shitty? Me neither

| Just go to tiktok, it's full of low effort shitposts

| Ytp community is still strong.

| Anyone have any favourite YTPers? I can't get over how talented Dathings is, they do some truly next level sentence mixing.

| Art imitates life, and life's turned into a YTP. Of course they're quality now.

| I'm glad y'all even know what a YTP is. The other day while watching a vtuber, the vtuber was discussing her favorite youtube poops and no one in chat knew wtf those were.

Felt aged 30 years.

| there's also still a big YTPMV community

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