Weirdly enough safest I've felt in a while

| So, like a lot of you g/u/rls, I'm an FNV type g/u/rl, and my area generally don't take kindly to that.
But I went out drinking today, starting off at a house and then moving on into town. But before we left, this straight boy I barely know came over, dead serious, put his arm around my shoulder and said "Ay, [local nickname], you know we love you right? If somebody gets all in your face calling you a faggot and tranny and shit they're getting dropped. You're safe with us homie."

| Usually when I'm in a situation where slurs are getting thrown around it's a sign I'm not safe and should gtfo together with whoever I came with, but I don't think I've felt this safe in years lol.
And homies was completely serious too. Those were the kinda people who don't talk big if they won't do it, and the people who heard him say it were confirming what he said too. It was out of nowhere too.

So, idk. Just wanted to share it. Thought it was kinda wholesome in a weird way.

| nice story :)

| <3

| True homieship!

| Did you guys have sex?

| wtf that's so cute. I'd probably have made out with him right there, if he was interested

| >>886599
He definitely wasn't but I wish

| Ok, but here's the thing:
Faggot tranny

| >>886543 that's cool and all, but what do you mean by saying you are Fallout New Vegas type g/u/rl?

| >>886670
Radioactive mutation

| >>886670 she's got spurs that jingle jangle jingle

| >>886670 it took me a day to figure out what Fallout NV had to do with anything. I feel so enlightened but dumb at the same time with the eureka moment I just had

| >>886684

I still don't get it.

| >>886685 FNV is connected with the trans community

| >>886693 how the fuck

| >>886694 there's memes about it, that's all I know. I find them funny.

| For those who didn't get the FNV g/u/rl thing, it's been a meme in the trans community for years and years that all trans g/u/rls love FNV and that 90% of the player base is trans etc.
So it's just a little reference and less boring than just saying trans.

| >>886709

It seems trans people have good taste in vidya gaymes.

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