| It's here! Go support the second Danger/u/ Community Fundraiser by picking up the album at https://wvrmoe.bandcamp.com/ or by donating directly to Song-chan over at https://www.gofundme.com/f/life-saving-treatment-for-allanah! More information available on the Bandcamp page!

| Someone post this on plebbit!

| I missed the cassette drop I am seething and malding never coping

| >>880942 the cassettes sold out in 15 minutes apparently

| >>880947
Lel thats good

| I wanted to get a copy aaaa it's sold out??

| >>880942 >>880978
Yeah, sorry to say, but the cassettes are gone. That said, the digital copy has a bunch of extras, including all the files necessary to make your own cassette. There's been enough interest in a rerun that it might happen, but not for a while.

| nakadashi song-chan

| >>880903

| Hello!! This is song-chan! Thank you so much for those who purchased and are showing interest in purchasing more!! I'm so grateful for the artists and especially the people who put this together. I'm also super grateful for you g/u/rls for the crazy support!!

Thank you too for those who missed it but are still purchasing the digital version! God. I don't deserve you g/u/rls. I wish i can headpat you all!!!

| I wanted to get a copy too but i missed the upload lol i know how you g/u/rls feel ; u ;

| Missed the cassette drop but still happy that i wa able to donate. I really hope everything will work out well for you

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