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What's the point of burg

| It was funny the first time I saw it, but it's just a loop of pointless threads. It's like a slowly accumulating trash heap.

| Why are we still here... Just to suffer...

| ТНе point is to be yourself and have fun!

| I agree, we should just remove burg and keep angry burgs

| I think it's based off of that neutral response vid on youtube.

| /burg/ is about balance
About our ability as a site to self-govern
About being able to post with extreme constraints and still have a good time
About being able to unwind after a rough day by just mindlessly spamming
/burg/ isn't just a board. It's a lifestyle

| Anger

| >>880445 Based /burg/poster

| Personally, I like it. It gives some charm on this textboard!
Although I'd love to have a place where we can post angry lain/calm lain pictures to the infinity and beyond as well.

| >>880520 this

| We should use burg as a good day bad day weighing tool, that way we can see how danger be feeling lately

| >>880827
1>I only post angry burg when I have a bad day
2>but you post angry burg every day???

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This thread is permanently archived