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Copes and stuff

| I used to hate the idea of coping because it seems so worthless. Coping never gets me closer to solving my issues, which is what I really want. But lately I've realized that coping isn't a bad thing. Its something that humanity has probably been doing since we were nomadic hunter-gatherer societies. Its just life, right?

What do you g/u/rls do to cope when bullshit has you down?

| Have a denpa songs blasting while playing league of legend (uninstall after coped)

| Tbh I think coping (as in, accepting rhat sometimes shit just sucks and finding ways to deal with the pain) is the normal and, largely, the most efficient way to deal with bad feelings.

| >>875357 I think i'm going to try this

| I listen to cope music
My personal favourites:
- Berserk, Guts Theme
- Eminem, Stan
- Berserk, Behelit
- One Punch Man, Sadness theme
- Donkey Kong Country, Stickerbush Symphony
- Blues Saraceno, Carry me back home

| I like playing video games, especially ones focused on story building and such.
Sometimes it makes look at my situation with a new perspective, as well as give me inspiration in what to do in the future!!

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This thread is permanently archived