Anon E

| What's that about? I've not been able to piece it together despite being here since 2017

| Its a long story, but it boils down to Anon E losing his privileges and reputation in the community when he personal armyfied danger/u/ twice. The first time was to prevent a self harm episode of a friend, which was... fine? But the second time he went full retard and tried to dox some random that he accused of "stalking" his "friend"... who was really some chick he was orbiting at the time. When some people questioned the operation, they got banned from the server, until Prefetcher found out, reversed said bans, and killed his admin privileges.

| Since Anon E made the original app for Android and was one of the original founders, he was kept around and kind of partly forgiven for his stupidity. But he went full retard a second and worse time when Lain came on the scene. Basically what happened here was that Anon E felt threatened by Lain's presence since he was a far better programmer- so much so that Lain rewrote the Android app in like three days and made it more stable, whereas it took Anon E more than 6 months to make the first itineration. He also helped Prefetcher develop a new version of the website, which was more stable and had more abilities than the original.

| When Prefetcher flat out refused to sack Lain, Anon E responded by doxxing Prefetcher's True Names, kicking then out of their shared paypal, and locking then out of the Google Play Store app. Anon E also attempted to silence anyone on the server who spoke out against this, but was quickly banned and had all the links to his version of the app redirected. (The app is basically just a web browser after all). This is around the time that Mystery, an old maid, wrote up an Augmented Eye article explaining the situation, which lead to Anon E cutting out that feature to try and squelch the narrative.

| As a last act of desperation, Anon E ran to the Valhallabar Discord, the "other" Valhalla community at the time, to cry for help. Unfortunately for Anon E, he had been banned at least twice previously from that community too, for earlier acts of stupidity. We followed him there and explained the situation, leading to Anon E being banned yet again. Since then, Anon E has claimed on his other social media that he was betrayed and had been wrongfully removed from danger/u/, when everything that happened had been his own fault.

...and even then, people were unironically tired of him getting drunk and posting explicit Sans Undertale guro vore in general chat anyway. So fuck 'im.

| As a side note, Anon E also defended his actions as "Legal Doxxing" because he had been given the information he posted by Prefetcher themself, completely missing the definition of doxxing, so that became a meme on the discord server for awhile.

| >>875085 did he post the vore in general too? I only remembered it in announcements

| The app also took a long while to return because Google thought Prefetcher's version of the app was a rip off/pirated version/Copy/ etc. This was in spite of Prefetcher explaining the drama to Sukeban and receiving hardcopy permission to use their IP in the website.

| >>875089

Nah I think it was in announcements, you're right. I just remembered it was public.

| danger/u/ has lore???? insane

| I see, sounds like a shit show. guess I'd never pieced it together cuz I don't like going in the discord

| Orange maid, before I get you to conceive, will you tell us yet another story?

| >>876036 yeah, tell us another part of the danger/u/ lore. For example why pref is called a 12 year old from Osaka, when and how the I live sex thing started, or just some random tales from back in the days

| >>876096 yes more lore plz

| I have fucked Anon E`s mouth

| >>876153 this is good lore

| Holy shit i completely forgot about this shitstorm, wasnt it because of this that we had captcha for a while due to spam? Genuinely camt remember if that was related

| >>876272 that was unrelated, and like two years later.

| I moss captchan


| absolutely incredible.

| More lore plz

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