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I want to fucking scream

| I want to break shit and watch everything burn. Classes and my family situation combine to stress me tf out and I hate it.

| LoL. Break shit... pls wash hands after that deal

| omg cute

| -9

| Break your own shit faggot. You touch my gunpla or my nekopara figs, we will throw hands. I may be 300lbs but I move like a lion and I will not hesitate to demolish you.

| >>874699 you can come relieve your stress on me, op-sama~

| Αναθεματισμένος να είσαι

| >>875173 Use your fucking words, I don't speak debt

| >>875174 ඞඞඞ ඔඔඔඔ ෂෂෂෂෂෂ ඕඕඕඕඕ ඔඔඔඔඔ ඖඖඖඖ ණ

| >>875173 ο θεριστής θα σε παρακολουθήσει απόψε

| I too remember being a teenager

| Errormember of dikdong supply shop

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This thread is permanently archived