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| let's cry together

| Have sex and have fun

| I hate the feeling

| Spend some time looking at the sky. Unwind and relax your muscles. You're fine, and everything will be fine.

| sad is not here to hurt you. sad is only passing through. he likes to sit on your chest in a very unsexy way, and he doesnt like to tell you when he leaves

| >>874669
>a very unsexy way
beg to differ

| uh ya know, sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes, well, the bear eats you

| start a religion

| of haruhi suzumiya?

| >>876150
I hate that bitch and I even don't know why.

| >>876220 This is sad to hear.

| >>876150 uhhh i mean not what i had in mind, but sure, long as she speaks to you

| >>876222
I hate her, not her fans.

| >>876225 This is still sad to hear.

| >>876227
Can you explain me why?

| >>876228 This is sad to hear because i like Haruhi Suzumiya.

| >>876229
Well, then calm yourself.
I remembered that I hate not the character (even after what I read about her), but one retard who used pictures of her like an avatar. But any of our discussion where not about her neuther anime about her or anime in general.
I think I should excuse for "bitch" because it's not Haruhi, but an dumb anon from another board. It's logic that I can't hate anime character since I don't watch anime.

| >>876231 Thank you for the explanation.

| >>876273
I'm surprised that you understand my bad English.

| >>876289 My english is not better than yours.

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