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| I like workin in a factory, i get to make various construction adhesives from 5 am to 3:30 pm.
I feel like im contributing to the greater whole of construction, and if not that, then the greater whole of industry and capitalist society. Its fulfilling to my heart, and its not like im useless either i very overqualified for what i do, but i just like doing it, idk :)

Wbu yall like yall's job. Or thoughts on it love or hate?

| Serving in army, I both hate it and love it, it's all simple in here, just do what people tell you, yet you get almost no freedom
The pay isn't great either, it's so small that I'm even ashamed to tell it
At least I feel kinda cool because I got to shoot from an actual gun and throw grenades for free
I also get free meals three times a day, gained 8 kilos since my first day in army

| >>873913 You guys are some of the only people I never have any complaints about. Lots of factories out there price gouge, send out fucked up product, or tell you to wait three months for no good reason.
Adhesives? The only way you can fuck up is user error - mounted weird, or used the wrong one because the engineer is being a dumdum. Gonna hold forever and a day otherwise.
Lots of love, keep up the good work.
>t. a very bitter architect

| Have sex and have fun

| I work at a korean mexican fusion resturaunt that also sells boba. I make the drinks. I feel like Jill IRL

| Code

| I fix slot machines. I like working on the electronics and the programming. I just hate the casino guests.

I have worked: rough cut in an aluminum mill,
as a cavalry scout,
as an oilfield wellhead technician,
as an assistant drilling supervisor on a land-based platform,
as an in-house investigator for the 3rd largest corporation in the world,
as a freelance private investigator,
and as a sole drinking water plant operator for a 25 MGD plant

| I work from home currently in healthcare, mostly doing insurance paperwork and occasionally making calls to straighten out people's files before they come in for services.

| im neet rn.......

| Just finished my bachelor's degree and am now chilling before I look for work

In other words I'm a neet

| I do electrical installation work for a navy contractor. It's not a bad job on it's own, but there's a lot of BS from upper management that makes me want to get out.
I'm gonna have to disagree with you here with one specific product: double sided tape. We have it at work but literally never use it because it has almost no holding power.

| I'm a programmer making enterprise softwares for large companies. A bit boring to describe, but I enjoy it. It's like tinkering with little machines that contributes to a bigger machine.

| >>874750 You can never be a neet again because you're educated

| >>875094 isn't it "not in employment, education, or training"? i think educated but currently not using it counts for neethood

| >>875284 the "in education" part is unfinished education that's ongoing and can be used as a societally accepted reason to not be employed or in a training position at a company

| >>873913 based

| >>874538 wow

| >>874538
I used to work casino security, and you're so right about the suckers running around those places. They all act like they're hot shit and not fucking morons throwing their money away for nothing. I would still go back if I could get into slot repair, they pay like $28/hr for that around here I've heard.

| My job kinda blows...

| >>876033 you professionally get your mouth fucked?

| >>874666 same

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