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| does anyone have some good advice that will correlate to my vague unexplained situation and help me out of a bad place

| idk unless you say what your situation is nigga

| >>873850 you have to let us hear your vague unexplained situation first, g/u/rl

| >>873850 tha answer is sex

| -9

| thrembo

| >>873850 Of course, first you have to follow these next steps that sound kind of coherent and reasonable, and when you're about to end you realize I'm just messing with you because your problem is either easy to solve with a few google searches, or you're asking for something unreasonable

And then I'll fuck your mouth, if no one is already doing it

| Your situation is deprecated, consider something else.

| drop acid

| after a long time without a response the thread will get the usual hi 50k reply

| Fuck it, I don't need to know your situation for this, OP. Just smoke some weed and chill the fuck out.

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This thread is permanently archived