I may be late for all of these but it's great to see how this was crowded at some point

| Unless some people are still here and thriving , then that's cool. Hi.

| There is only one g/u/rl on this site, and she has 91 vpns.

| >>873442 i wrote this

| I definitely have responded to rhis thread before

| Haven't I mean haha lol

| >>873442
This is false, I have 92 VPNs.

| >>873498
This is false, I have 93 VPNs.

| >>873924
This is false, I have 94 VPNs.

| >>873928 I have no VPN and I must post

| I'm 100% not a bot with 97 ban from maids

| >>873928 this is false, i dont use a vpn, i connect to dangeru from every public library

| >>874676 based

| hi past me

| >>874676 you dirty slut with your unprotected connections! Get HIV and die!

| >>875115 how can you get HIV at a library? you are supposed to read books in it

| >>875149 *fucks your book*

| >>875149 duh, it has a low chance transmitted from intense eye contact. If you want a higher chance to ruin someone's life, then just hold their hand when they are reading.

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