this honestly feels like reddit , just a lot better , don't you agree?

| everything just gives off a warm feeling if you get me




| sorry for that lol

| It feels like 4chan except not retarded

| it feels like my dick is inside your mo/u/th

| Yeah i agree OP

>>873446 based

| Reddit is the furthest thing from warm, unless you mean a hobo trash fire.

| Reddit is unwarm.

| >>873328
Reddit is a terrible shithole.
This is honestly more like the very early days of 4chan. 2003 era,, when people were rude but not too rude. And you could tell that the dumbness was jokes, not actual idiots

| Or old days of iirc

| >>873328 go back to reddit, scumbag

| >>873328 stay there and never return here

| You're absolutely right OP. Take my upvote and awards that I purchased with real money that won't ever reach you

| >>873328 reddit is garbage, even based orange maid agrees

| Reddit is lame
No cool aesthatics on the site design

| >>873554 wholesome 100 big chungus

| We did it Reddit!

| >>873512 Wait until this happens to this site in a couple of years.

| It does make me happy that I get to experience this site in this era though. I've always wanted to be a part of a community like this.

| -9

| >>873873

Been there, done that. This website has existed since 2016.

| Cringe redditor

| >>873890 newfag maid demanding mating press it seems. This website has been made in 2017.

| >>874119


>Not realizing this website was made in 2016 and remade again by Lain during the Anon E debacle.

Spread your asscheeks because i'm going in dry.

| >>874119 you got OWNED

| >>874132

Read down, ass slut.

| >>874136 I'm pretty sure she was saying that to>>874119
This is going to r/maidwoosh

| >>874144


| >>874119 Please mat press her regardless! Fuck her silly to the point she'll admit that she's in the wrong! This orange maid is so cheeky, she's in need of Maid Correction, ASAP!

| >>874163 We'll participate!!

| >>874163
Much as I love lewding maids, she's right here and should be rewarded, not punished. You need to train properly, or else you just end up with someone broken and useless.

And we *just* said we don't want to be like reddit.

| not reddit at all, try again when there's annoying libs and closet racists posting their drivel on every board and the whole place becomes infested with memes you'd see hung in a middle school classroom unironically

| >>874335
> the whole place becomes infested with memes you'd see hung in a middle school classroom
> posts this in a thread has derailed into "ha ha sex funny"

| >>874335 This site already has annoying libs and closet racists lmao

| what the fuck is a closet racist. have you ever even seen a racist who isn't just straight up racist

| >>874511
If you look, a lot of the 'liberal' people who post on reddit are just virtue signaling to appear non-racist. They usually do this to cover up for their own privately held prejudices.

Much like that teacher who recently got caught sharing child porn after accusing someone else of being interested in sharing child porn.

| -9

| >>874537

I see this shit all the time on birdsite lmao.

| -9

| >>874511 idk about you but I've seen lots of people who are absolutely convinced they aren't racist but will say heinous shit about Asian people on the regular.

| >>874511 >>874537 This but it can be people who hide/try to make their world views more acceptable by mixing it with irony.

| -9

| all social media is reddit but different

this is like old school text board tho so its better

| >>874537 lmao good point actually

| I do use it for porn and okbuddy posting, but niche subs with less than 10k members are fine too. Really, if you're seeing a lot of dumbass shit, then it's entirely your own fault. Only takes a few seconds to curate your frontpage and blacklist the garbage. Multireddits keep things nice and tidy too.

| >>874598
Don't get me wrong, I'm unapologetically prejudiced myself. I just keep it culturally focused, not racially focused. You cant help how you were born, but you can help how you choose to act. And I am biased towards certain behavior types.

Everyone is. It's an inevitable part of being human.

| I love sex. With maid

| >>875206
Agreed. Especially knowing they'll have to clean it all up afterwards.

| >>874511 I was referring to ilovesex-chan and mouthfuck-chan as an annoying lib and myself as a closet racist btw

| Where I come from we always make jokes about everyone foreign but I barely know anyone who's racist as in would want to screw over others and or hurt them, but from my experience with westerners they always call me racist due to such jokes and therefor I go and say I am racist and then I get accused of genocide and similar, in the end there is no pleasing of such people in my case.

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