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Parasocial interaction is weird

| It's like being as genuine as possible while at the same time pretending that you are just throwing words into the void who is indifferent to you. And there is like 0.01% of being reciprocated as well as something about 0.000001% chance of getting past being strangers. Can't help doing it anyway because monkey brain likes validation.

And you might think this don't apply to you, but I know you like prefetcher too!

| And I can't stop thinking about it because recently a content creator said something really mean about people having parasocial relationship with content creators. I don't think they know what they are talking about. It's so retarded it lives rent free in my head.

| tldr tldr. white people smh

| True

| Who the fuck is prefetcher? Is he going to fetch my balls onto his chin? Don't care otherwise.

| Dream stans find dangeru

| >>867075 a father shaped hole that can never be filled by an anonymous text board

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This thread is permanently archived