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Can someone explain?

| Twitter is the definition of "who tf asked". Every single Twitter thread is somebody asking something or just saying a random thought with 5k replies of random mfs giving their mid af overused "hot takes" on shit that's barely even related and everybody engaging with thay instead of the actual post.

How did that become a thing? I'm genuinely confuses about the existence of this app and that it has so many active users. It don't make sense.

| Like, I'll open it on occasion just to see if somebody I know personally has posted or something cool has been announced or whatever, but I genuinely can't understand how people actively use it like a hobby. Like, maybe if they exclusively see content from actual people they know it would probably be chill, but half the feed is just random mfs saying something and people having heated discussion about retarded unrelated shit in the replies, and they enjoy it? How?

| Just follow foone. They're posts about old weird tech are really interesting

| Its nothing new. Just opinionated people who don't realize that they don't need to give their opinion on every single thing.

What's worse, it can be addicting.

| Yes it is. That's why I only use twitter to look at anime girls with guns and military gear, as there is a lot of japanese/korean artists on twitter who draw them

| Your feed is what you make it. I just have cool art, occasionally memes, and funny webcomic artists.
There are a lot of idiots on Twitter but it's always the vocal minority. Most people don't even engage. Sure there'll be 100s of replies but then there's 5x more likes than replies. People just passively reading and scrolling Twitter.

| Ill add that it spreads a lot of utter cancer like leftie tranny/alphabet identity politics. The echo chambers are insane
We're just beginning to see the massive amount of damage this new form of internet is dealing to society. This kinda shit kills empires

| I hate it but im addicted to it. I don't even post much

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But I just follow a couple of my friends, some gamedevs, a vtuber and some artists who only post when they drop something. And still half the shit that pops up is random mfs I've never heard of.

| Maybe I hust don't use it enough to get a good algorithm.

| Have you tried putting the accounts you follow into lists? It literally only shows you what they post/RT. Also changing your location to a country with a language you don't know helps to block out trending tags and recommended tweets. I started doing this around 2016 and haven't seen any unwanted bullshit since.

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You could also try to go to the settings, Privacy and safety, Content you see, and then Interests and uncheck everything.
Should only really get tweets from people you follow after that.

| Also unfollow topics you might have been following by default. Or like >>e5435d said, lists are good.

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That's genuinely helpful. Thanks g/u/rls. I'll take a look at that next time I open it.

| One more suggestion: use Latest Tweets, not Home. Also, abuse the hell out of the "I don't like this" button whenever a random "you might be interested in this tweet" thing show up. Mute/block freely, even.

Twitter can be a pleasant place to hang out, but you have to put in the effort to yell at the "algorithm" to shut the fuck up, unfortunately.

| Elon Musk posted a meme calling crazy frog normal and the crazy frog account replied with the picture of Elon Musk standing next to Ghislaine Maxwell except Ghislaine Maxwell was photoshopped into crazy frog. worth checking out

| >>867051 Drop some tags? I am interested in this

| >>867397I'm gonna start doing this

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