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how did u find this app

| for me i was deep in play store and accidentally found this app then found about va11halla thru it

| Played va11ha11a

| leave while u still can

| Valhalla for me as well!

>>866988 It's too late now. You can't leave.

You can't leave before having participated in one of our annual gangbangs g/u/rl parties!

| From that other image boats

| Board

| From my wife

| (Former sister)

| >>867041 sweet home alabama

| Played va-11 @nd decided to check if there is a mobile version on play market. Typed va-11, got this app pop up, installed, got in.

| Randomly found this site when looking through vallhalla wiki

| Saw it on Fdroid a while back. I had no idea it was an actual textboard for like 4 years. I just listened to Vallhalla music on it every now and then...

| There's an app? I found a link to the site while surfing neocities. I always access via pc or mobile browser

| >>646b29
i spent some time using the app just for the muaic too till i found out these threads r made by real people

| >>b3e0e5

yep theres an app like jill's phone theme kinda app its so cool

| >>9f9d50 thanks g/u/rl, got it

| Va 11 hall a ofcourse, wanted to see if it was real.

There is an app??? Never knew, wont download it or else I might get aids

| played va11 ha11 and googled if someone made danger/u/

| >>866977 Found it the same way through the play store. Then remembered Va-11 Hall-A from ages ago as a game I wanted to get and got it. Now I have grown up and have a bit more cash than I did in the past. I pop in here like once a week or so just to shitpost and comf post.

| Via Google Now, back when it was very useful tool instead ad spam.

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This thread is permanently archived