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Do not do drugs

| Stop doing drugs! They are bad for you and you know it!

| I can agree. Drugs are not very good for you. Please reconsider.
>t. a gurl who has done drugs

| >>866826

| drugs

| Cum

| Do drugs responsibly

| do drugs irresponsibly

| disrespect your surroundings

| kill your parents

| i mean don't

| No, you ain't my Mom! I just did three whole drugs and you can't stop meeeeweeweeee!

| Es ist besser das zu lassen
doch man wird auch was verpassen

| Don't do drugs kids, instead, let drugs do you

- drugs


| i drank a whole weed

| you just want more drugs for yourself

| I don't want love I want drugs
I don't want love I want drugs
Stop fucking being so nice
I don't deserve this please let me just die

| >>867182 die then retard

| >>867184
Niggur beetch i fack you pusy

| this is a common misconception. if drugs were bad for you then they would feel bad. but since they are good for you, they feel good instead. stay safe and don't drive sober

| >>867295 *drives her nutsack on your chin*

| >>867297 *bites*

| >>867300 *pisses pants cutely*

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This thread is permanently archived