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Dangeru extra comfy

| Dangerus a whole extra comfy to reading when high :3
Makes me feel like wholesome comfy gurl <3
Love u gurls!!!

| this is getting out of hand, now there are two of us are highposting

| Oh no, what are we going to do?

| >>866688 Have sex.

| >>866686
Two?? That's means 66% of g/u/rls are high

| >>866695 one of them might be bot so it could still be 33%

| >>866712 And yet worst of all, she could be any one of us in this very thread. She could be you! She could be me! She could even be-

| >>866861
She's definitely not me!!!

| I'm gonna trip this friday or saturday wohoo!!

| >>866861 You are the red spy!

| >>866888
My bf is going to tie me up while i trip and do naughty things

| >>866712 or the one who's not high might be a bot then 100% of g/u/rls are high!

| .flow

| >>867074
All gurls high :3

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This thread is permanently archived