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To burg/u/rl who takes a bath once a week

| Don't feel insecure about it. If you use perfumes and keep yourself tidy, it's unnoticeable. A little bit of natural smell isn't bad too (it makes me horny though......) Also you're actually healthier from the rest of the world as constant bathing causes your skin to be dry and it also washes off some protection layers that it has.

| Yeah yeah, super healthy and shit, but it's very hard to tolerate a bad smell, especially for a long time. And no, using perfume it's not a solution, it only makes things worse.

| That's cute. Don't you dare start bathing more often.

| >>865458 I am posting from inside a bath RIGHT NOW.

| I bathe once a week. I don't go out anywhere anyway.

| I haven't taken a bath for two weeks because that would be too long

| I just change my clothes everyday. They are where the bad smell resides and if anyone says otherwise I will give them the 1-hour forceful armpit whiff treatment.

| So help me god if you don't take a bath I will drag you in there myself and scrub your stinky but supple body with hemp lavender soap. Then I will stand in front of the shower door with my arms crossed, watching as you wash your greasy-ass hair. I'll probably have an erection the entire time, but don't start thinking I actually like treating you like a naughty pet that can't take care of herself. You WILL brush your teeth too and if you refuse, I'll hold you down and do it for you.

| >>865499 PLEASE

| >>865506 are you proposing?

| Taking showers and baths feels good though? Like, really~ good. I might indulge and take a bath for two weeks straight when I think about it.

| What you need is to get one of those good steam shower pods. They're the best. It's like having your own personal wet sauna.

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This thread is permanently archived