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Is it safe to send passport photo to PayPal?

| Apparently I can neither use my account nor remove attached card and close the account until I give a "proof of identity", i.e. a photo of my documents. Sounds sketchy as hell, I double-checked everything but seems like it's legit PayPal's requirement. Wat do?

| It is safe, but don't use Paypal; they will lock your account for "security reasons" and freeze (steal) all your funds at the drop of a hat.
Attempts to unlock your account will result in your being stuck in bot hell.
Use Wise or crypto for online payments. That, or fall back to bank transfers.

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>Attempts to unlock your account will result in your being stuck in bot hell.
Screw this, I'd be glad to just unlink my card and close the account. The stupidest thing is that I need to upload my passport to do even that. Is there a chance to talk it out with the support? Or is it okay to upload the passport and immediately close the account? Maybe it's better to just leave it as it is, since it's impossible to pay via card now anyway, so my funds aren't at risk?

| Can't you just cancel the card itself?

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I could, that'd probably be easier. I do need it for now and I can't open a new one for the time being, so that'll have to wait.

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Fr? I use PayPal all the time and have never encountered anything like that. Never even heard of that shit.

OP, I'd say just send it and hope it gets unlocked, ay? It's safe, so, I don't see the issue. It's annoying, sure, but what else are you gonna do?

| Weird. I alway hear bad things about paypal but they've always fixed my problems when shit went fucky. I use them less now (just because I really like virtual cards) but I'll have to be a more cautious I guess. Good luck getting yours closed.

| >>864980 this is literally what happened to me. they froze my account and removed all the funds because they mistook my identity for someone who had a debt with them from before i was even born... paypal is run by criminals

| No one should use paypal

| Paypal is safe but they are also absurdly paranoid about security, and engage in false positives a lot.

| >>865037 paypal shills glow in the dark

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Phew, glad I don't keep funds on Paypal. I only use it as an intermediary for merchants that don't take cards directly.

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