| Margarine

| Philippine

| Dana's bean

| Lick and clean

| Lycopene

| Sam & Dean

| Ketamine <3

| suck my ween

| i love sex

| Big suplex

| fat paychecks

| my muscles flex

| with all do respect

| my member erect

| oeddipus complex

| lustful netsex

| I love sex

| Naplithine

| For the queen

| Dedication supreme

| I'll fuck your spleen

| Rip ypur seem

| I want to get drunk by dipping my balls in pure karmotrine.

| Playing chess with my left hand gettin' queen, checkmate un-seen

| Absinthe on the rocks, please

| Girl with golden locks, freeze

| Onomatopoeia now unlocks, ding

| Oedipa Maas's unorthodox fling

| Answer Fermi's Paradox, speak

| And say "sayonara mystique"?

| Honeymoons after clique, obsolete?

| I like my women a bit more petite

| May I suggest the tomboy athlete?

| Absolute strength for you to love from head to feet

| Cope and seethe?

| Lithe and breath

| rip and tear

| I relish in your fear

| I hope you appear.

| We’ll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange…

| Orange rhymes with door hinge. not many words in supply

| Almost had to kiss this thread goodbye

| Now it’s back, go ahead and reply!

| Too bad I can't, I'm watching hentai

| I am almost empty on my only supply

| please don't make the wieners cry!

| That guy's forehead is about as big as the sky...

| Just shut up and drain his balls dry

| No way, I ain't no succubi

| porky

| oink oink

| That pig is being paranoic

| Paranoic rhymes with vatnik

| I can make orange rhyme with banana

| Bornana

| Eating pork rinds, sword fightin' in pajamas

| I wanna booze em' up, with waifus in Bahamas

| That sounds like a plan, you know I love those chicanas

| Dancing like a peacock, brought them back to my cabanas

| Shaking all the walls, no sleep until mañana.

| All to pass the time, until we get N1RV Ann-A

| Live a little dream, leave a little mess! Smoke the marijuana Yes! Yes! Yes!

| Bring up decks of fresh-fresh-fresh craps and cards loads of plays with no rest- test the best at a game of chance with little wiggle room to attest

| Proudly outdance those pesky dancers in the club, you know, leave them feeling like a pest

| The fresh prince of pers-air

| Struttin with the confidence of Rick Flair

| Kerosene by Yves tumor but instead of kerosene it's karmotrine

| G/u/rls keep trying to ruin our scene.

But karmotrine's a rhyming thread and I'm still keen.

| Still keen, we mixing karmotrine with lean

| I love lean!!!11!1 it makes me feel clean

| The word karmotrine is easy to meme
it keeps popping up on my computer screen
it rhymes so well it gives me dopamine
it's like that,WHAT? and that's the way it's been

| Thats right mista bean.
Teddy's under arrest

| You're leaking milk
Under that chest!

| I was caressing a succent breast, she was the best!

| test

| Dipping my balls in a cold brandtini, that's my quest
Then i might get to rest on Alma's chest

| "Hot brewed coffee" I confess,
A table for two ready- Drinks that soothe pains and aches; remedy:
Brandtini and nervous-split sugar packet crammed coffee and cream breaking ice and tensions free

| Winning means bust nuts to Alma's chest worry free. I love sex and my lustful spree.

| Stacking cheese, run it up, talking brie
Nut in her quick, then I leave, absentee
Went to Va-11 Hall-A, met a cute amputee
She didn't let me hit, guess that's life, c'est la vie

| Sei's spaghetti

| Dana's spicey chicken wings ready

| Arrogance, vanity, all over. He's underwater, like a Range Rover.
Makeup... smearin'. No power steerin'. He be talkin', but we don't be hearin'.
Speaks like Zeus. Smells like poops. Rage all over from his head down to his shoes.

| Footloose

| Certainly obtuse

| He is without juice

| Check out that goose

| There is also a moose

| he slept with my girl so i fucked him in the ass and then we called a truce

| Was his name bruce?

| that's the one, you shoulda seen his caboose

| Yaba-daba-do!

| Fuck your muther in urine

| Here's a jar for your coom to pour in

| In gonna need to clean my eyes with chlorine

| Where'd that Bleach go that i was storin'

| A shiba took it from the shelf this early mornin

| I'll steal it back if i catch him snorin'

| It's been a long day so Jill don't stop pourin'

| Dorothy's back from her session of Whorin'

| The TV's playing some show that's foreign

| >Stealing this thread for /cyb/ because its getting borin'
(Not really)

| Prevposter is right, this shit has me snorin'

| He's not a true believer, just keep on postin'

| Dorothy cake

| Throw it in a lake

| And get ready to see Dorothy with a rake

| Lilim's are mistake

| lol

| We out on a stroll

| Is that a demon doll?

| Heed it's enchanting call, 'Be with me forever and all~.'

| 'Be with me forever and all~ I have cookies and a collar for you~`

| Stay with me forever through all~ Be kind to me and you'll be my boo <3

| Zoinks! Lets run scooby doo!


| Bigb00bs

| Pwn n00bs

| Send n00dz

| Saa d00dz

| Drink b00ze


| Consoom the Cum Chalice

| Enter the Pussy Palace

| Massage the Milk Mother

| Bear me a Milk Brother

| my brother in milk

| All covered in silk

| Neco arc craves the pilk

| cum loud, cum proud

| Drop pounds, blow clouds

| Big mounds, sloppy sounds

| Take the skull, hold the skull, turn the skull thrice;
knock on the skull, toss the skull, then you'll get demon raped;
as everyone knows

| My head tilts back while you go down

| i took a shit but its not brown

| Won't you take me to funkytown?

| But im scared of funky clowns

| >>876052 CLOWN GIRLS

| >>876053 no clussy???

| Only maid bussy

| Apron's gone crusty

| Mouthfucking spastic gone bombastic

| I want my ass licked and a massive dick

| Want to stab myself on an upright prick

| >>876319 clown maid bussy?

| >>876668 Clown maid musty
Hasn't showered in a week, rank pits gettin' crusty
Keep deoderant on hand, Arm'n'Hammer always trusty
Am I the asshole here? Shit, bitch, I must be

| Big sad

| Down bad

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