do cute people know that they are cutem

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| well you are cute, so

| ya we know but we pretend we don't

| yes, i am cute af and know it

| No,you

| depends

| I'm cute and I know it so at least one does

| Sort of. Sometimes I know, but sometimes I don't but people say I am and I get caught off guard

| Maybe they deliberately try to be cutem.

| People call me cute, but i don't think so.

| Isnt it subjective so they might not find themselves cute

| My gf calls me cute but I don't feel cute

| I like maids, they cute. Im not a maid, therefore i dont find myself cute.

| >>860046 be the maid you want to see in the world

| >>860069 i need green text privileges first for that to happen

| one can always become one with maid, one need only to believe it

| >>859818 haha cutem

| I don't know if I am cutem

| yeah i think i'm pretty cutem

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