staring at the wall

| if you stare long enough it dissapears and i can enter the other side. should i try? idk if i would be able to get back

| i think so, the wall people are always nice to me

| it takes awile but don't turn away or it will not work!

| please tell us what happens in the wall

| okay! i'm going in

| The wall next to me is staring at the wall across it, what happens next?

| uh... what about my cum wall then? what could be on the other side?

| >i'm in your walls

| >>859825 bye bye

| Wallcome

| >>859825 how did it go?

| kcab teg t'nac i .od ot tahw wonk t'nod i .sdrawkcab si gnihtyreve !adnik emas eht si gnihtyreve .edis rehto eht ot ti edam ev'i .ereh PO

| >>860265
Think of it more like "negative space". I mean, if you managed to get in just do the same thing you did earlier except negatively, or something.

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