I have no energy lately.

| Title. It's been going on for a few months now but it has hit harder lately. I just started a new med to try combating it but it takes a week or two to see effects.
I just haven't had the desire or will to indulge my hobbies and I spend a lot of my time just lying in bed.
Has anyone else experienced this and/or found a way to get that drive back?

| this whole week has been hard in everyone ik. end of the semester ig. ive gotten moving with caffine pills but tbh its kind of a wash

| Have sex and have fun.

| i love sex

| >>859803 can you help me with that?

| been there g/u/rl, getting through those two weeks is hard. I was lucky to have friends to force me out of bed on days I couldn't myself. Best advice I have is don't beat yourself up about it on days you feel 0 motivation, since you're still healing (think of it as an impromptu rest day).

| If you really want to do something to keep yourself busy but don't want to make the big commitment, just tell yourself you'll try it for 10 minutes, or do the first steps of. That's a smaller commitment, and once you get started, you'll find it really easy to keep going! It's tough, but it gets better <3 if you ever want someone to talk to, try help lines :) things will get better, just keep going :,)

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