food opinion

| people say they don't get why I freak out about raw eggs

but let's not beat around the bush, I'm not eating uncooked chicken menstruation and you can't convince me otherwise

| Listen here... You're gonna eat your raw eggs and you're gonna like it!

*kisses raw eggs into your mouth*

| Mating press

| Add some worchestshire sauce and a glass and we're good.

| >>859686 You will eat bugs, you will live in a pod, you will own nothing and you will be happy.

| you'll freak out when u got a 30ft parasite

| >>859686 i hate stingray, they are a hassle to prep, full of cartilages, the taste isn't even that good, every time i got that pancake fucker when i'm fishing, i just cut the line (and they pretty frequently snag on the line), and people that said they like stingray are liars

| >>859728
How is stingray compared to say, swordfish?

| >>859746 you don't get swordfish anywhere, you need to go far from the shore for swordfish, and swordfish if it already died it's easy to prep and taste better than cunt incarnation that look like pancakes

| this is a fucking perfect thread

| vegan moment

| >>859728
Based. Stingrays are adorable weirdos but not good for eating. Just let them swim away.

| I want to give a stingray a belly rub.

| >>859728 i wanna breed a Stingray named Jill

| Jill stingray mating press party when?

| ordering my Jill cosplay rn...

| >>859719 eh i don't really need much tbh doesn't sound that bad

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