I am made for holding pencils

| Recently i got very drunk for the first time and a lot of drunk stuff happened and i couldn't even hold myself together and was feeling very sick. But there was a moment i held a pencil and scribbled some stuff, it felt perfect. I felt like my hand was made for holding a pencil and i didn't felt like i was drunk i just felt all my experiences as an artist just came to me as a muscle memory and like pen was an extension of my hand and it just felt so fucking great i love pencils

| *fucks your mouth with a bundle of pencils*

| Show scribbles

| Yes, show us!

| I don't have my drunk scribbles at hand i think i did them on a book that my friend had.

But i can show my other drawings if any of you is interested?

| Please do

| Now imagine the pencil is my hand and you feel this way

| >>859668
the d/u/ality of /u/

| >>859754 I'm interested! Please show us!

| tell ur friend the tiny g/u/rls in you phone want to see the scribbles!!

| no youre made for holding my hand

| coming back to this thread to see that there still is no scribbles :<

| >>b45510
Awww hit me up and i'll hold ur hand

| >>8b4d96 i have them right here, let me just post it

| https://files.catbox.moe/ni4eh8.jpg
a small little dandelion

| https://files.catbox.moe/ni4eh8.jpg
a small little dandelion

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